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Advancing To Career Heights:
Developing Future Leaders

As SAIGE continues to grow we believe it’s time to develop training focused for our junior-level employees.  Our hope is to help them build their portfolio for career advancement by learning strategies that will set their career path on the right footing.   


Many Federal employees who began their Federal careers many years ago recall the struggles they may have experienced that would help them to better understand how to navigate their path to a successful career.  SAIGE believes that training to help junior level employees grow and develop would be useful and important to the advancement of their careers. 




SAIGE will offer two hour-long sessions each quarter of the year through May 2023. The cost for the series is only $300 which breaks down to $30 per two-hour training session. This schedule will also be posted to our website at 

Employees are strongly encouraged to participate in as many sessions as possible so they can gain as much knowledge as possible to be successful and to excel in their career. 

For more information on the session on August 23, 2022, please copy and past this link:

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