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Evaluation Consultant

Solomon Trimble


National Indian Youth Leadership Project

Solomon Trimble is a Native American actor, comedian, and script writer- operating as a cultural consultant for film and stage. Solomon is a Creek tribal member and has tribal lineage in Yaqui, Mescalero Apache, Jemez Pueblo and Cherokee nations. Acting for the past 20 years, Solomon’s most notable acting credit is Sam Uley in “Twilight”. His writing credits include cultural consultant and script editor for “Twilight” and “New Moon”, Head Writer for “Missing Indigenous”, Best Film and cinematography 48Hour Film Project. Solomon’s main goal in film is to provide opportunity for Native American Actors with well written characters and stories that reflect contemporary indigenous lifestyles, quote “My scripts have no Tipis or Horses.” Solomon spends his free time as a comedian preforming in Minnesota and can be seen frequenting, Duluth’s Dublin’s Irish Pub and the Minneapolis Acme Comedy Club. In Solomon’s professional career he has a B.S. in Mathematics and a duel Master’s degree in Biological-Statistics and Epidemiology with a focus in Native American Health. His 15 years of Public Health work has focused on Suicide Prevention, Human Trafficking, Tobacco Prevention and Water Quality to name a few.

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