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Comanche Artist and Flutist

Tim Nevaquaya


Timothy Tate Nevaquaya is an award-winning, Emmy-nominated and
celebrated Comanche artist/flutist from Apache, Oklahoma.
Traditionally trained, having apprenticed for many years in both southern plains Indian art and Native American courting flute under his father – the late master artist and flutist, Doc Tate Nevaquaya – Timothy has sought to learn as much as possible about his culture since early childhood. Indeed,
it was the very act of spending time with his father and other tribal elders, listening to their stories, advice and wisdom, which has inspired him throughout his career. Tim spent many hours at the end of his father’s drafting table, learning the basic principles in Native American art forms,
as well as flute-making and music composition. By the age of 12, Timothy
began to compose music on his father’s flutes and, by age 14, was making
his own flutes. In the mid-1980s, his professional career began when he first exhibited his flutes and paintings at the Oklahoma Indian Art Gallery, led by Doris
Littrel. Today, Timothy Nevaquaya is one of a few Comanche artists still
working in traditional and contemporary styles of Indian art.
He exhibits his artwork throughout the southwest, including Santa Fe, Taos and across the state of Texas. He has performed for the American Indian Dance Theatre, Smithsonian Institution, the Gilcrease Museum, the Philbrook Museum, Red Earth, the Oklahoma Governor’s Ball, the Oklahoma State Capitol, the University of Oklahoma, the Great Plains Museum, the Southern Plains Museum, the Comanche Nation Museum, the Artesian Arts Gallery, Exhibit C Native Gallery & Gifts and many more.

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